Friday, May 9, 2008

Swaddle Designs: A Review

I was so excited when I got my products from Swaddle Designs! Their products are made with such great quality! I got a swaddling blanket, 2 burpies and a Baby Lovie soft security blanket. Madelyn loves the soft Baby Lovie! She snuggles it! It is the perfect size to keep in the diaper bag for journeys away from home. She loves holding it when we are in the car. There are three different Lovies from Swaddle Designs: Polka Dot, White Fuzzy and Fuzzy. The colors of the Fuzzys are Pink, Blue and Green. Maddie has a pink one.

I love the thickness of the burpies! Madelyn doesn't use burp cloths anymore (being 14 months),
but I have a new baby on the way, so this will be so great to use them! I know my babies spit up a lot, and they need thickness! Swaddle Designs offers eight different designs for the burpies: Polka Dots, Mod on White, Solid Pastels, Fresh Pastels, Baby Cheetah, Dots Collection, Little Hearts, and Little Stars.
I am really excited to use the Ultimate Receiving blanket! What I love about the Swaddle Designs Swaddling blanket, is that the directions are sewed right on the blanket. This is Swaddle Designs' exclusive 123 Swaddle Tip Tag! So, it really makes it easy to know how to swaddle your baby! Babies love being snuggly, and swaddled! They had that comfort in the womb, and I think the swaddle blanket from Swaddle Designs is great for swaddling! Swaddle Designs offers six different blankets: Polka Dots, Dots Collection, Mod on White, Organics, Fresh Pastels and Solid Pastels. The Burpies, Receiving blankets, and Lovies all match. So, it is great that you can have your essentials coordinate with each other! Or, you can mix and match.
Lynette Damir is the founder of Swaddle Designs. She is a RN and mother of two young children. She created Swaddle Designs from the inspiration of Motherhood and from the benefits and reasons for swaddling babies.
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Anonymous said...

This company looks great for the quality and designs of their products! Thanks for the great review!

Alicia said...

Hi Sarah!!
Love the new blog look!!
I didnt realize you had a new baby on the way!!! Thats such exciting news for you! My hubby and I are hoping to get that kind of news soon too, Lord willing! Congratulations to you!!! When are you due??