Monday, May 5, 2008


Today was a gorgeous day! I love Spring! The birds were singing, and the smells outside were glorious! I babysat today, and I took the kiddos out for a 3 mile walk. It was great to be outside again! I took them for a walk last week (the one nice day out) and I was looking forward to that today. Instead of carrying Madelyn in my wrap, like last week, I put her in the front of the stroller with Caleb. So, I had 2 kiddos in the front seat, and Claudia in the second seat. I really need a triple stroller! It would make life so much easier! They are super expensive, though. It was so sweet during the walk, because Madelyn was so incredibly tired. She leaned over and rested her tiny head on her brother. Caleb put his head down on her and kissed her. He was snuggling her, too. I really wish I had a camcorder to record that. It was beyond precious. Then, Maddie fell asleep. We kept on walking, and Caleb was getting sleepy. He put his head down on the arm rest, and I let him know he could put his head back. I told him he didn't need to go to sleep, and that it is just more comfortable. Then, he was out. During this time frame, Claudia kept trying to turn around and get up. I don't have straps in my stroller, so, I took my coat and tied her in. At first she did not like that, but she got over it. Then, she was starting to fuss and cry, so I kind of rocked the stroller back and forth while walking. This got her giggling, and then she drifted off....just before home. So, she was up. Then, Maddie was up (short nap), and Caleb stayed sleeping as I lugged him inside and on to the bed.

I was happy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine today! After work, I picked up Nathaniel and his friend. Then, we went home to have supper. I had a loss at Weight Watchers tonight, so I was happy about that.

Now I am tired, so I should go to bed. Good night~ More reviews and contests this week~stay tuned!


Milk Mama said...

Sounds like such a nice day!!!

LOL that's totally fine that you didn't sign up for my contest! Maybe some day I'll get another contest to come along. I'm hoping that my blog will someday become as awesome as yours and others that I've seen. This time around with blogging has been a lot more fun. I think because I'm taking more of a "as it happens" mindset... not stressing over things like before. ;)

Grandma J said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I was wondering how you did. After walking 3 miles, pushing 3 kids would have been disappointing NOT to have a loss. We should get together and walk sometime...if we ever get more than one nice day per week that is.

Qtpies7 said...

I bet that was super sweet to see, Maddie is such a cutie!