Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Night at MOPS

I absolutely love being a member of our MOPS group! I have been in this group for 3 years now. I was in MOPS when Nathaniel was younger at my home church, too. I think MOPS is a great place to connect with other moms, learn from them, talk about struggles, share experiences, pray for each other, and learn new ideas. It is also a great night out to fellowship, mingle, hear a great speaker, EAT, and make crafts. MOPS is for Mothers with kids from pregnancy-age 5! Since I am newly pregnant, I will be in it for quite awhile yet! Yahoo~

Last night, we had a leader from the local Moms In Touch group to speak. She was very encouraging and full of great ideas. I know that praying for our children is so crucial! We live in a tough world.
The main idea behind MIT is to gather (as moms) together to pray scripture over our kids, teachers, schools, bus rides, etc. They have a set plan with scripture, and blanks in the spots where you insert your child's name. For example, "May You fill________with the knowledge of Your will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And I pray this in order that_______may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please You in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of You." (Colossians 1:9b-10).
Our speaker talked about the Basics of Prayer, which is communication. Communication involves talking, listening, getting to know God (through His scriptures), and sharing my heart with Him.
She also touched on Why we should pray...and Why don't we pray. Why should we pray? To see God's will done on earth. We are following Jesus' example~ He always went to his Father (God) to pray!
PLUS~ we don't have to carry the "load of worry around on our back," because HE WILL CARRY IT FOR US! There are 3 other good reasons to pray:
1. Because God knows more than we do! 2. God desires our companionship! 3. God's Power is released when we PRAY not when we think/talk about praying. When we pray, we are inviting God's presence.

I was very encouraged to pray daily for my kids, my husband, and so much more. My daily time with God is lacking right now, and I really need to just make the time for HIM! He craves our attention, and He is begging me. Prayer is His GIFT to us! A beautiful, daily gift...and he will bless us for praying! When I need peace...he will supply! When I need Joy, He will supply! When I need comfort...He will supply!
We have an enemy (Satan) who doesn't want us to pray...and he (tries) to keep us from Prayer~
(John 10:10).

I need to make a plan...what can I do? How much time can I start with?
I need to set apart a time (morning/evening).
I need to pick a special place of refuge.
I need to have a plan to read the scriptures, get a prayer journal to write down my requests and praises!

I was very encouraged and excited about this topic covered in MOPS last night. MITI is a great ministry, and very effective!
Do you have a daily devotional time with God? When do you do it? What helps you stay focused and committed?

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading the "assignments" from the One-Year Bible Reading Plan this year -- I do well with assignments. I was doing them when I first got up in the morning, but our morning schedule has recently changed, so it's not happening as much. I need to figure out a better system.

Congratulations on the pregnancy!!

And hope Madelyn feels better.

And thanks for the Huggies CleanTeam stuff! It arrived the day after your email.