Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was so excited to get our new Automoblox in the mail! This is such a great car! The car is made with such high quality and details! I really like that the wood is thick and smooth! The boys love playing with this car, and really like how it drives so fast! With this car they can totally take everything apart...
The people (with shapes on the bottom of them) come out, the wheels come off, the rubber around the wheels come off, the front and back come off, and the hood of the car comes off! I know my boys love taking things apart, and then putting them back together again. What a mechanical and technical toy! I love it! Caleb loves the shapes at the bottom of the people. The shapes fit into the shapes in the bottom of the car, so they have to fit in the car just right. Every time he puts one of the pieces together, it "clicks" so he knows it went together. The details are meant to give the child satisfying feedback as they set out to accomplish the task of creating a unique car.
What makes the taking apart even more appealing with the Automoblox, is that kids can put the car back together with other pieces/parts from other Automoblox! So, they can construct a new modern design of a vehicle.
Patrick Calello is the designer of this new generation of contemporary heirloom toys.
Automoblox, combines his passion for automobiles with his passion for great design, to create a product that will challenge the next generation of great thinkers.
Having designed everything from detergent bottles to high-end consumer electronics,
Calello who specializes in product innovation, holds dozens of US and international
patents. His industrial design expertise has been utilized by the likes of Pfizer,
Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive and Kellogg’s with graphic
design work that has graced Broadway marques and the
covers of Columbia Records platinum albums.

We are very happy with our A9 Compact Automoblox car, and now we just have to get more to create new designs!
These cars range in price from $34.99-$39.99. You can buy them here.


windycindy said...

What a wonderful design concept!
My son would love it! He enjoys building and putting things together! He can amuse himself for hours.Cindi

Qtpies7 said...

THAT is cool! My boys would ALL love it, even the big guy!