Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Think-ets: A Review

I really like games and products that encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity. Our world focuses so much on TV and electronic gaming entertainment (not that it is always bad) but there are more products out there to spark the thought process in our children. I was impressed by the new think-ets pouch of trinkets by Think-a-Lot Toys. Nathaniel is really liking this new way to be creative. He is at the age where he gets "bored" easy, and this is a great product to keep his hands and mind busy.

The company uses SHALOM Denver to assemble their product. SHALOM Denver provides employment, training, and job placement opportunities to people with disabilities. Rather than placing orders for new items to be made to create the Think-ets collections, the company painstakingly sources “tiny treasures” to avoid cheap plastic items that exist the world over—and that contribute to our world’s trash heap. Think-a-Lot Toys doesn’t believe in games that are bought one day and tossed the next.
For example, the pieces from Mexico (the copper ladles, copper pitchers, copper chalices, copper cups, glazed ceramic mugs, wire “batidors” [beaters], wire potato mashers, colored-fiber pot scrubbers, cheese graters, straw hats, breads and pastries) are hand-made by artisans working in villages throughout Mexico. They work under humane conditions and get paid enough to make a living in their country.
Think-ets have won several awards! Among the awards is the iParenting Media Award Winner 2008 -iParenting Media “HOT” Award Winner 2008 -The Toy Man™ Award of Excellence -and The Toy Man™ Editors Choice Award.
About Think-a-Lot Toys
Think-a-lot Toys is a Boulder, Colorado company founded in 2005 after Randy Compton, the “Inventor,” came up with an idea of putting miniature items into a pouch and turning it into a fun and entertaining game for kids and parents.
Julie Lake, the “Duchess of Doodads” and Randy's good friend, searched the world over for ideal collections of miniatures for the game. They soon realized the enormous appeal of Think-ets and began the process of starting a company that would realize their dreams of taking it into the world.
At this time, Think-A-Lot Toys is working towards getting Think-ets into specialty toy stores and catalogs around the nation. If you have any ideas or feedback, please contact them.
Think-ets are available at specialty toy and gift stores nationwide and have a suggested retail price of $9.99. They are recommended for anyone between the ages of 8 and 108. For more information call Think-a-Lot Toys at 303-449-2737 or visit their website at http://www.think-a-lot.com/.

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