Friday, May 2, 2008

I am feeling a bit spoiled!

I was so excited when Terry said, "Can you see if you can get a sitter for tonight?" He wanted to go to a dinner and a movie. We got a sitter lined up, but she couldn't stay real late, so my friend Jennifer, her husband, and their sweet boy met us in the cities for dinner. We went to one of my favorite restaurants~ Granite City Brewery. I love that restaurant. Their food is so tasty! Jennifer and I decided to each order something different, and we split our meals with each other. That way we each had two (smaller) meals. I know what I ate wasn't in my plan with Weight Watchers, but boy, did it taste good! Her little guy, Brody, is so cute! He is almost one year old. He was a happy little trooper most of the time we were there. He LOVED the pickle he was chewing on...until it fell on the floor. Fortunately, Terry had another pickle. He was happy. I had a near-perfect steak. waffle fries (YUM) with their special sauce. Jennifer ordered the shrimp Alfredo with veggies. All of it was great!
I also get to see Jennifer and Brody tomorrow! They are going to come spend the day with me, Madelyn and Nathaniel tomorrow. Terry and Caleb are going to a train show. I think her and I are going to lounge in our jammies (I am for sure) and just enjoy being together. I think we may even try our hand at some Mario Kart...for memory sake. Or, we just may have to play some Wii!
If her sister mailed off the tickets, I will see Jennifer on Sunday, too! I know~ that is super! 3 days in a row! Trust me, we can handle it! We are possibly going to a play. I won't say what yet, until after the fact for security reasons. I hope it all works out! Either way, I am so thankful for tonight and tomorrow!


Milk Mama said...

Oh wow! I think your hubby sounds like a sweetie! Happy mother's day, Sarah! You deserve the time off! :D

Unknown said...

Your meal sounds great! How fun to have such a fun visit with your good friend!!!

TTYS - Sniz

Milk Mama said...

Hey girl! You won a blog design! That's so awesome!

Alicia @ said...

Dont you love it when your hubby surprises you!!?? So glad you had fun and have a fun three days ahead of you!!!