Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Fertility Journal: A Day-by-Day guide to getting pregnant

The Fertility Journal is a guided journal designed to help women understand and track their monthly reproductive cycle. I think this journal is a very helpful tool! I never really learned how to track my fertile times. I know it is different for everyone, too, so there is really no certain time that you can get pregnant...it all depends on your cycle.
It features a primer on fertility basics, helpful tips on health, exercise, relationships, sex, and nutrition, and space for women to record the daily statistics that will help them predict ovulation and get pregnant more easily.
A special section on assisted reproductive technologies includes a monthly tracker for women employing in vitro fertilization and similar procedures. With illustrations throughout and plenty of room to record the thoughts and feelings that go along with this exciting and emotional time, The Fertility Journal is an essential tool for creating a family.
I think this book is packed with very good information and helpful ways to prepare your body for pregnancy.
I was planning on using this book for the next time I was going to try to conceive, but I got pregnant before I even opened the book. So, I will either use this next time around, or give this journal as a gift to someone trying. I think it is a great journal to keep track of everything.

About the Author
Kim Hahn is the founder and CEO of Conceive Magazine, dedicated to fertility and adoption topics and based in Orlando, Florida. Named one of the 50 Best Magazines of 2006 by the Chicago Tribune, Conceive Magazine is read by 2.5 million women in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Dr. Geoffrey Sher is an obstetrician and gynecologist known for his groundbreaking work on in vitro fertilization. He is the founder of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine, which has locations across the U.S.
You can purchase your Fertility Journal here.


Qtpies7 said...

I peeked at it at your house and I thought it was very thorough and a great tool! I need to look at it further, though. I saw that you could put your basal temps in, but I didn't see a chart to watch for the triphasic markings of pregnancy. I wonder if there is one in there.

Conceive said...

Thanks so much for your review and congratulations on your beautiful family!

-Kim Hahn