Tuesday, May 13, 2008

See Me Read: A Review

With looking into products to get Caleb ready for home school, I have come across a great website called See Me Read! I really like the concepts behind this company to help promote early reading.
The See Me Read Early Childhood Literacy Program helps introduce young children to the concept of language and encourages early reading. See Me Read uses personal photos of your child interacting with familiar items so that whole-words are reinforced visually. Your child's photos in our one-of-a-kind personalized labels, reading cards, books and writing pads will make learning fun.
Because not all children learn to read the same way or at the same rate, See Me Read helps them get the best of both learning methods as they develop early literacy.
See Me Read encourages early reading through the physical labeling of familiar items, people and animals in a child’s world and supports these labels with reading cards and books using the same words and visuals. The key element involves using personal photos of the child interacting with the familiar item on the labels, reading cards, books, and writing pad so the words are reinforced visually. For a child, recognizing a specific item (his ball, her doll) will quickly and clearly attach the specific word to the object. The See Me Read products are different than currently available books and flashcards, which often have pictures that are hard to interpret and don't allow a child to easily connect a familiar item with the word that describes it.

There are different Kits you can put together through the See Me Read site: The See Me Read™ Kit - #1: $49.99 (personalized Labels, Reading Cards and a Level One Book, all of which include photos of your child interacting with his or her favorite objects, people or animals).

The See Me Read™ Kit - #2: $34.99 (a Level Two Book and a Writing Pad, both of which include photos of your child interacting with his or her favorite objects, people or animals).

Lori Abert Luke, is the talented woman who created the See Me Read program based on learning tools and techniques she developed for her own son, Carson, when he showed signs of wanting to learn how to read at a very early age. Lori partnered with two of her friends, Lynette Frenette and Donna McDermott, who have been instrumental in getting See Me Read up and running.
I am excited to put together a set for Caleb. I am hoping to get the whole set. I really like this product line, and I know Caleb is ready for learning!
To make/create your own kit, Click HERE! Lori, the founder of See Me Read, has offered to give a special discount to all Sassyfrazz readers! You can use code SSSY2008 during checkout and get 20% off your order!
Thank you Lori!

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This looks like a great program. Thanks for the review.