Thursday, May 1, 2008

Caleb is in "that stage"

Caleb is a part of the groupie otherwise known as "terrible twos." This stage really doesn't start at two, like some believe, but it is actually at 2 1/2 or 3 depending on the child. Caleb has been a bit on the defiant side, loves to scream or make other obnoxious unruly noises, and just a bit on the disrespectful and disobedient side. I am learning a great deal of patience during this time, and trying to figure out what works with Caleb. I am a born yeller. It is not my best quality, but I have that tendency. Really, it seems there is a link to yelling and feeling a release~kind of therapeutic in a way. OK, I know it is not good, and it is something I am aiming to overcome. It has helped to take a deep breath just before I discipline or redirect the kids.
Some of the things Caleb does, or says, is really rather funny. I would never intentionally laugh out loud when he does them, though. I am a bit fuzzy on some of the things he says while I type this, but I will have to write them down and do an update on here. Here is some of the things he says:
You're upnoxious
I am the parent
I'm really frustrated!
He is really trying to open his wings of independence right now, too. He likes to "be a mini parent" to Nathaniel. He likes to put on his (fill in the blank~shirt, socks, jeans, shoes) himself, now.
Really, though, Caleb is a great is just a trying time in his life. I just need to remember that his is ONLY 2. He will be 3 on May 25th. :)
On a different note, Caleb has an amazing memory! He knows when we are in St. Paul just by looking around. He remembers things we say weeks/months ago! He really amazes us with his memory capacity!

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Milk Mama said...

Wow! He is a really good speaker! He is a very intelligent little boy! That's amazing!

Oh singing babies is sooo cute! That's so adorable that Maddie loves to sing! Anna takes her Twinkle Twinkle book to me (it has signs in it) and she signs "twinkle" and sings "Tee-tle Tee-tle" :D

Thanks for commenting. I entered that Mother's Day Blog Bash. I think that'll be fun. It seems a lot of blogs are doing this which is great! I love it!

Have a great day, Sarah! I hope it starts to warm up for you, too. Paul said it's supposed to get into the seventies this next week... let's hope! :)