Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Times!

I had a great weekend! Friday night, as I mentioned, we went out for dinner with my dear friend, Jennifer, her hubby and their son. Then, Saturday, Jennifer and Brody came over about lunch time. The day went so fast! Poor Brody was having a tough day. He was overly tired coming to our house, and Jennifer had to hear him scream the whole time she drove to my house. I feel bad for her and him. Then, about 5-10 minutes from my house (wouldn't you know it) he fell asleep. She tried to lay him down when they got here, but that didn't work out so well. So, Brody and Maddie played for about 45 minutes and then we went to McDonald's. Brody screamed his little heart out was upset the whole way there. He was fine once he had food in front of him. I was so impressed with this older gentleman at McDonald's. He saw me walking with the tray and holding Madelyn. He was in front of me before I could place the tray on the table. He had a high chair for me ready, with the tray off! Talk about being a gentleman! I was so touched! He asked me if I wanted the tray. I said no, and he said he would put it away for me! Wasn't that nice? I wish more people like this man were out in our world. Somewhere people have lost touch with the good 'ol chivalry! After McDee's we went to the grocery store. I needed a few items, and Jennifer wanted hair color. She asked me to cut and highlight her hair, and I was happy to do this for her. I figure I need all the experience I can get.
Then, we went back to my house. I forgot to mention that Nathaniel was with us, and Brody was not impressed by him, for some reason. I know Brody was tired, but I felt bad for Nathaniel, because every time he was around Brody, he screamed and cried. So, we had the tunes of Brody's wails on the way home, too. He was fortunate to get about a 30 minute nap, while I was preparing Jennifer's hair. I just got in the first foil, and he woke up. We put him in the pack in play, with his bottle of milk. He threw up, and then, we gave him some Tylenol. Jennifer said his teeth were really bothering him. Needless to say, we did get her hair highlighted and cut between our kiddos having some issues. I think it turned out really cute. I cut it a little shorter than Jennifer and I would have liked, but all in all...I like it a lot. I hope she will continue to like it. Thanks for the great day, and the experience, Jennifer!
Today, we decided to play hookie from church and clean some things in our home. I cleaned both bathrooms (thoroughly), and Terry fixed a few items on the "honey-do list," while doing the laundry. I know I don't like to skip church, but I really felt like we needed to do this. Plus, it was a really nice day, finally, and I knew Terry wanted to get the pontoon and the dock in. He was at the train show on Saturday with Caleb and his mom. He was gone most all day on Saturday, so he didn't really get anytime at home. At noon, I left to go see Jennifer! (Day 3 with her!) We went to a play at the Ordway in St. Paul. It was a good play, and fun. I would say it was a bit risky, but there were some chuckles from Jennifer, her sister Roxanne, and I. We got free tickets from Jen's sister, Tami. Thanks Tami! It was a good time, with LOADS of laughs! I was even in tears from laughing so hard. Thanks for a great day, Jennifer!
Tonight, we ate supper, and got the kid's baths done. Then, we went out for a family pontoon ride. It was a bit chilly, but it was great to be on the lake again!


Qtpies7 said...

Hmm, skipping church to scrub toilets...

Anonymous said...

What a relief to have a nice weekend. We went to the playground. :) And were relieved not to have the snow on the ground they called for on Saturday!