Friday, May 16, 2008

Think Blocks

Nathaniel loves products that stretch his mind, and gets him thinking creatively. He was really impressed with the new product called ThinkBlocks. He had fun stacking, sorting, arranging, mixing, and organizing these magnetic shapes. He loves any kind of thing he can build and create. He has excellent math skills for his age, and so he loved figuring out new steps and ways to use these ThinkBlocks.

Everyone needs to think in order to thrive in life. ThinkBlocks teach fundamental thinking skills that are as relevant:
to the auto mechanic as the quantum mechanic;
to the preschooler as the PhD;
in homeroom, the college classroom, or the executive boardroom.
Wherever ideas are being made, ThinkBlocks are there for thinking about any topic you can imagine.
ThinkBlocks are used in elementary schools, high schools, and college and university classrooms, as well as in the professional fields such as conflict resolution, counseling, human development, and by organizational leaders and teams. ThinkBlocks are a fun, educational tool for young children ages 4+, but they can also scale up to adults and help to teach thinking skills that are just as relevant to the pre-schooler as they are to a PhD or a corporate executive. ThinkBlocks have no gender, age, cultural, language, skill-level, or subject barrier. They can be used by anyone, anywhere to tackle virtually any topic or discipline. This new tactile educational tool is backed by years of empirical research conducted at Cornell University by scientists who are also parents and teachers.
Here is what is in each ThinkBlock set:
Each ThinkBlock kit retails for $79.99. Contents include:
Owner Support: Free email support for owners as well as online access to Tutorials, Research, and Resources through our expanding knowledge base, "Thinkipedia"
16 Small ThinkBlocks
8 Medium ThinkBlocks
2 Large ThinkBlocks
1 Get Started Guide
1 ThinkTiles Starter set (6 tiles)
1 Dry erase marker

Ergo's Lab is packed with ideas on how to use the ThinkBlocks. There you can access the online video tutorials, expert talks, testimonials, guided tours, blogs, and other activities.

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windycindy said...

Hello! I have read many good things about these "ThinkBlocks!" My son has always love "Legos" and they were relatively easy for him. I think it is time for these thinking blocks. Thanks for the information.....Cindi