Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am excited again!

I was so relieved today to get the news that everything is looking great with the pregnancy so far! I called the clinic today around noon to see what the results were. The lady said that the NP wasn't in today, and she would be in tomorrow. So, I asked her as kindly as I could, "So, there is someone else that I can talk to and can tell me the results TODAY, right?" So, she said another NP would call me back. Within 5 minutes, the other NP called me and told me the results weren't in yet, and she would call me when they came in. So, all afternoon I waited, and waited, and WAITED. Then, when I got home at almost 4:00, I saw no one had called when I was gone, so I called the clinic again. The NP called back and said that the blood sample was sent a few hours away, and since my blood draw was at 5:00 yesterday (and the sample didn't have a STAT on it), I may not have the results until tomorrow! What?? Oh no, I really can't wait until tomorrow! She must have known I was anxious, because she said, if any results come in before 5:00 when she leaves she will call. Actually, she said she will call either way. At about 5:04 she called and told me the results literally just came in...and everything looks great and normal! WOO HOO!! My numbers of HCG was 9,563 on Friday, and on Monday they read 22,028! Yeah! Thank you Lord! I was so happy! Now, I can relax some, and enjoy the pregnancy again. I didn't even tell anyone at our stamp club last night, because I was worried I may have to retrieve my words. So, now I can shout it out again~ I AM PREGNANT! :)

I babysat today. I ended up going a bit late, because Madelyn fell asleep in the high chair during breakfast. She doesn't take very good naps, so I called to see if it was ok that I would be late. I wanted to let her sleep and get some good rest. She has been having such a hard time with her teeth coming in. She has been wanting to nurse constantly. I don't really know what to do anymore. I want to comfort her, but I don't want her to just suck on me all day! Poor little honey! I really hope these teeth come in soon! I know that nursing my little princess will come to an end sometime soon here with being pregnant. I know she will have a really hard time with stopping.

Caleb started complaining of his ears hurting when we were on our way home this afternoon. I am not sure if he is suffering from a sinus issue, allergies, or a cold/ear infection. I will have to see what tomorrow holds. I hope we can go babysit miss Claudia. I may have to bring Caleb in to the Dr. tomorrow if his ears keep bothering him. I want him to be healthy and feel good for his 3rd Birthday party this weekend! Yep, my little boy is turning 3 years old! I can't believe how time flies by! It is a sad moment, but a fun milestone, too. I hope it will be a fun day for him. Terry's Grandma makes cakes, and Caleb asked her if she can make a batter batter baseball cake for him. He is all excited about that. I am not sure where he got the batter batter part, but it is funny!

Nathaniel was out all day on Saturday with his friend Austin. Austin comes here to visit quite often. His Great Grandpa lives across the road from us, and so him and Nathaniel have become great friends. So, Saturday him and Austin were busy playing near the stream and by their "fort." One time during the day, Nathaniel brought home a 5 gallon pail with about 20 toads in it. It was gross, but totally a boy thing. Nathaniel has a pet Salamander that he took captive last fall, and has been feeding and caring for it since in his 10 gallon aquarium. So, he had "Sally" out for the afternoon. In this 5 gallon pail were all these toads and poor Sally being bombarded by over zealous toads. Terry and I told him to get Sally out of there, and she probably wasn't very happy with the toad parade. Anyway, Nathaniel had a great and grand day. He was even told he could make money by picking up golf balls. Austin's G. Grandpa owns a Driving Range.


Milk Mama said...

Praise God for a healthy pregnancy!!! Go on and shout it from the rooftops, girl! :D

Jeannie said...

WooHOOO! is right!!! I'm so relieved to hear that everything is back on track. Are you now due some time in January then? I suppose you won't find that out until your next ultrasound, huh?
TTYL. Don't forget, Friday is Karaoke night!

windycindy said...

Best wishes for you good news. I had a scare in my fifth month with my oldest son. They couldn't find his heart beat at my appt., so I have to wait all night to have a sonogram. He was fine, just hiding under my thick placenta. Take care,Cindi

Jen said...

Woohoo!! I'm go glad to hear your results!!! Once again.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your good news! Will continue to pray for you.

Caleb probably heard a baseball announcer or another kid playing saying "batter batter" during a baseball game. ("Batter batter swing!")

I am so thankful that we are done with teeth for a few years (Nora got all hers relatively early).

Sounds like you handled the toads with aplomb. Better you than me -- and better a pail than your bathtub, where my cousin's boys put frogs.

Qtpies7 said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait for the next ultrasound!

Alicia said...

Sarah, I am so very happy that your results came back so well!!! Thats such a praise, definitely shout it, be proud and happy!!!! Cant wait to hear more about this miracle in you!!

Where do you work? Like a daycare or home?