Sunday, March 16, 2008


I got this super cute award from my new blogging friend, Jen! She is so sweet to offer up this reward. This is what she said:
"I chose Sarah not just because of her cute background ;) but because I had read on her blog that as of Feb 25th she had lost a whooping 41 1/2 lbs since September!! Way to go Sarah!! I’m so proud of you!! After loosing that much I know she is styling in her new clothes!!! Her blog is another one you those that I visit everyday to see what’s new."
Thanks Jen! That was so nice of you to be so thoughtful! Please pray for Jen and her little guy, Kevin. He is having surgery tomorrow...and they would appreciate your prayers! Go read her blog, too...she is a great person! Thanks for being my new friend, Jen!


Unknown said...

This is a cool award! I've never seen it before!

I didn't know you'd lost that much weight. Are you at your target weight?

Is everyone at your house feeling well?

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful award and well deserved.
I want to commend you on your weight loss, and only hope that once the doctor gives me the green light I can do so well. I need to finish my diabetic education and medication adjustments and have my pain issues determined first.
I want to say I love the reviews you do, I don't reply only because I am beyond the baby years here and would not want you to enter me in the contest. Should I find something I could use for my nephews though, I will respond.

Mary512 said...

youve been tagged for the 7 random facts meme. check it out!:

Kind Regards, Mary @ adventures in mommyland

Anonymous said...

Awwww Thanks Sarah!! Did you get my email regarding the surgery? He was a champ!! I'm still surprised he is in NO PAIN and it's been just about 12 hrs so I have a feeling he won't be in any pain then. Praise the lord!!! :)