Saturday, December 1, 2007

A great day/night

We had a great day! We went to a train show this morning with the kids. It wasn't the best train show, but my husband loves the trains, and so it was fun to go. We got to venture through the snow. I love snow. I love lots of snow. I just don't like the cold and ice with it. I hope we get dumped on this year for snow. I wish we could get as much as we did when I was little. I remember making tunnels through the Pine trees in the front yard. We made 7 feet tall snowmen and still had tons of snow on the ground. My brothers used to make igloos...and I am talking BIG igloos! They even slept in them sometimes. My mom worried all night long for them, but they were really warm. I am not so sure that I would allow my kids to sleep outside in an igloo these days. Can I spider-web here? Well, I am a girl, so I guess that is what we do, right? Well, according to Love & Respect we do. I love that we can do that. Anyway, about what we did when we were little...I am sure we played with Lead paint toys....ate baby cereal before 4 months (in fact my mom gave it to me when I was just a few weeks old)...what else did we do, and it didn't kill us? Isn't it amazing at how many "rules" we have to do with raising our children these days? I love that song, "Back When". It is a Country song, and it is super! Here is the chorus: "Back when a hoe was a hoe Coke was a coke And crack's what you were doing When you were cracking jokes Back when a screw was a screw The wind was all that blew And when you said I'm down with that Well it meant you had the flu I miss back when I miss back when I miss back when" It just reminds me of life when it didn't seem so terrible and demented.

Ok, so are you wondering why I am all over the place? Well, I am tired, it is after midnight, and I just think I am being weird. I know my friend's are giggling and nodding their heads yeppers to this....

Anyway, this evening we had one of our favorite babysitters come watch the kids. She brought her little sister with. She is "training" her to be a babysitter, and basically showing her the ropes. Well, they brought over all the sugary candy supplies to make Gingerbread houses. The kids had so much fun! It was fun to see Nathaniel's creativity soar! He has such an imagination. He even put in a wreath holder. He had a candy cane holding the gummy wreath over the door, and the candy cane was a rafter on the top of the house. It was very cute. I will have to get some photos up to show you. When the kids were having fun, we had fun, too. Our church has a Christmas Dinner every December. We invite a performer to come with entertainment. People within the church pick tables and decorate them to their liking. Then, they can choose to invite people to come, and if you can afford it, pay for the tickets. It can be a bit pricey at $20 a plate, but it is so wonderful! We decided to do a table this year. We had a brick red table cloth, a train set (working), Village homes/people, candles, snow, square snowmen plates, and snowmen mugs. It was so much fun. There were so many fun and pretty decorative tables. My friends Lisa and Jody did 2 tables. Lisa and Jody went for the pretty/fancy/elegant, and their hubby's went for the manly and hunting theme. I really enjoyed their tables, too. It was a great night out with my husband, friends and family members. I wish our table would have been closer to Lisa and Jody's, though. I am just glad that my (fire fighter) husband didn't start anything on fire this year. Last year he set Lisa's cloth napkin on fire with the candles. It was sad that the napkin was a bit scorched, but kind of comical that he is a fire fighter...yet caught the napkin on fire. I guess a Pyromaniac at heart! :)

Well, time for this little lady to get to bed. It is way past my bedtime. So, goodnight...sleep tight!


Qtpies7 said...

What was really funny was that it was the fire fighter's wife that put out the fire, lol!
I wish we were closer last night. It was fun though.
I am hoping Jody will send me the pictures today so I can post them. She got your table, too.

Me said...

That was a great post,a totally female post!:) The Christmas dinner was a blast, what a great event!

Workship said...

Can't wait to see the Gingerbread Houses! How was the performer? I found something for Maddie at a resale store. Just too cute to pass up. I'm sending it with Anna on Wed. Maddie and Caleb over their colds? Emily is finally over hers! Sleeping better at night finally. Yeah. :-)

Unknown said...

That dinner sounds so neat. Our church isn't big enough to do something like that although we usually have a Valentine's dinner that we can invite friend to. BTW, I'm sorry to be so ignorant, but what do you mean when you say, "..can I spider-web here?" I love the lyrics to the song you put on here. I remember my mom nursing my younger brother in the car before seat-belt laws, and lots of other things that are different now. We could ride our bikes without helmets without getting dirty looks from neighborhood moms...the list goes on. :-)