Sunday, December 9, 2007

Win a Wii!

Update: I am so thankful and happy that I won the Wii! Thank you Contest Beat and Cellforcash! I really look forward to many hours of fun with my family playing with this game system! Thank you for those who stop by~what a great contest...AND WIN! :)
ContestBeat is hosting a contest to win a Wii! I would love to win this! Our family is very big into playing games together. It is such a great bonding time, and after you have all the equipment (gaming devices, controllers, games..etc) it really is affordable entertainment. Know who is sponsoring this contest?! is where you can recycle your cell phone; recycle other cell phones; sell your cell phone; or sell other cell phones. What a great thing to recycle! Most everyone has a cell phone these days, and they don't last forever. So, with this company you can get some of your money back, or just get rid of it safely. I hope I can win the Wii for my family! Thanks ContestBeat for this contest!


sandierpastures said...

Congratulations!! Your Christmas is definitely merrier this year!!

From Grace in Dubai

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah and family.