Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extended thanks~

I have been blessed! I want to take this post to send out my gratitude!

  • I want to thank Beloved Mama for the book that I won from her blog. I won the Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible. I was looking forward to reading this.
  • I want to thank Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama for the Lansinoh cream and Double breast pump! Both of these items are super great, and I really can't believe I won two of the contests for Lansinoh products! Thank you so much! I needed a pump, too!
  • I won some adorable, cute shoes from Blessed Arrows! I am so excited about these cute shoes for Maddie! Thanks so much!
  • Sassy Lucy added me to her Magnificent Mamas blogroll on December 19th! What a great honor! Thanks for being so thoughtful!
  • I would like to thank Avis Board from Urban Botanic for the "Pink Hope" fragrant lotion! I love, LOVE it, and I think it is a super combination! I picked what I thought of as 2 good scents for the "Pink Hope" to represent Breast Cancer Awareness, she loved it, and I won a bottle of lotion.
  • I won a Trendy Tadpole t-shirt of my choice from Contest For Mom's blog! I love these t-shirts! I did a post about them, too! You should check out her cute shirts! Thank you for the shirt! This is one of Caleb's gifts.
  • I won a Land Before Time DVD and the Shrek 3 DVD from Table for Five! Thanks so much! Makes great gifts for Christmas!
  • I would like to thank Elisa, from Extravagant Grace, for picking me to receive the For Parents Only book~ I love it!
  • I was in the top 12 for winners at Fuel my blog! I chose to get the Sparkle Pillar Set~candles! Thanks so much! I love candles!

Thank you to all of you! I appreciate it so very much!! Stay tuned for more giveaways here, too!!


Table4Five said...

I thought you were lucky for winning my two contests, but WOW! You are really lucky! I need to work harder at entering more contests :)

I mailed Shrek the 3rd yesterday, hopefully you'll get it by Christmas. Have a happy Holiday!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the "thank you." :) I'm so glad you won!

How many contests do you enter per day/week?