Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

The little children in our church a.k.a. "The Bugs" sang in church for the Sunday morning service. The kids sang a Jingle song (and had bells ringing) and Away in a Manger. Caleb did NOT want to go up there. I went up with him and sat on the floor. He was practically sitting in my hand that I held on his back. He really doesn't like the attention on him in big crowds. My friend (Jody's) little guys were up there, and her son D.J. is a hoot. He loves entertaining and he is good at it. At the end of the Jingle Bell song, he went back and started playing the drums, and his little brother followed suit. After the teacher re-directed them both to the front of the group, D.J. got to be in front of the mic. Then, all the kids sang 'Away in the Manger'. After the song was done, D.J. piped up and asked, "Any Questions?" I thought it was funny, but really I thought it was a very appropriate thing to ask. "From the mouths of babes" as my aunt says.
I dressed Caleb and Maddie in their cute little outfits. Both of these adorable outfits were given to me. I have been blessed with clothes for the kids, and for that I am so thankful. Caleb's I got from a friend and she is my Stampin' UP demonstrator. Her son is just a year older than Caleb, and she has a daughter just a year older than Maddie. She is giving me all the clothes now, because she is done having kids. I appreciate it so much! Sure saves on cost. Maddie's outfit came from a friend at church. She has given Maddie some clothes, too...because she is done having kids. She found the outfit at a thrift store, and it is so adorable. I should have had Terry take the sweater off for the picture. I will try to get some more pictures posted of her in it, soon. ~ Thanks Christina and Sheila!

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