Monday, December 31, 2007

Momma called the Dr. and The Dr. said,

We had a rough night with Caleb. His fever spiked up to a whooping 104.5. We gave him Tylenol, and about 15 minutes later...RALPH~ all over Terry and the couch. I think he threw up because of his high fever...but, I don't know. When this happens, I always wonder if we are suppose to give him more Tylenol because he threw up what we gave...or just wait it out. It was a scary choice, but we waited. After another bath, he was snug in his bed. Terry raised the upper part of the bed with pillows under the mattress. He kept coughing and it would bring him to choking on his phlegm. I brought Caleb into the Dr. this morning. Since Caleb has been complaining that his throat has been hurting the last few days, I was expecting Strep throat. Well, guess what the Dr. said? "It's just a virus, and it will have to run it's coarse." He did perform a Strep test, because his ears were clear and his lungs sounded clear. Caleb didn't really have much of a reaction when he performed the test. When I get that test done, I want to gag all over the Dr. I can't handle that test too well, and my little 2 year old "showed me up". So, here we are in waiting while Caleb's little body fights off this nasty virus. I really hope none of the rest of us get this...especially Maddie!


Qtpies7 said...

I can't remember if it was Hope-Anne or Trinity that just sits there and lets them swab her with no gagging. Blows me away. I can barely do it, lol. But I'd do that over getting my blood drawn any day!
I hope he is feeling better today. I feel great this morning! So far noone is sick-sick, Hope-Anne has a sore throat, but no more pukies.

Workship said...

Oh, I so feel for you! It is so exhausting to have sick kids at night. We'll pray he kicks it soon!