Sunday, December 30, 2007

OH the Joys~

Caleb is one sick kiddo. He started a cough on Friday night. He was up on and off through the night (Friday). He did have a couple times where he threw up, but we were thinking it was phlegm. At one point during the night, he woke up coughing, and it sounded like the barking cough. It was so weird, and we really didn't know what to give him, because it wasn't in his chest. My husband gave him Robitussin to help loosen things up (hopefully). Well, Saturday morning we were suppose to go to a train show an hour away. Terry still wanted to go, and Caleb seemed better, so we went. Caleb did pretty good when we were there, but on the way home his coughing started to get bad again. When we got home, he was whiny and just seemed miserable. He complained of a headache, and he felt warm, so we gave him Tylenol. My sister (from Chicago) and her family was on there way over for visiting and supper. Her kids were sick with colds, and she asked if I still wanted her to come over. I told her yes because we don't get to see each other that often. I really didn't think Caleb was that sick, so that is why I still had her come over. Her little boy, who is 3 months younger than Caleb, got sick Christmas night. I am almost positive the Caleb caught something from him.
When she came over, her husband stayed at my brother's house with there little guy. Two of her other kids that she brought with had some colds. As the night progressed, her daughter (who has diabetes) had high numbers, so my sister gave her insulin. Then, a little later, she got the chills, and then got a fever. So, we were visiting with our sick kiddos.
After she left, Caleb's fever never went down (even with Tylenol) and his breathing got worse. I noticed his heart racing more, and his breathing was faster. I really suspect that he has RSV or Pneumonia (again). We didn't bring him in to the ER because we just knew it would be a long process, and we really aren't sure that we know what is going on with him. He did have a few spouts of throwing up, mostly phlegm, last night.
This morning, he is in a little better spirits, but he complains of a headache. He is running a low grade temp. and has a cough. He also has the green crud out the nose. I noticed Maddie's clear mucus from the nose has turned to the green side. I wish when one kid gets a contagious sickness (and needs meds) that you can give a prescription to all the kids. Then, parents can fill the prescription when/if needed.
We are going to watch how he does today, and decide about bringing him in later this afternoon. I know kids get more sick throughout the day, but it is the breathing that concerns me. Plus, you know your little tot is very sick when they lay on the couch during the day. Normally he is running 100 miles per minute everywhere. I pray that God will just touch and heal my little boy.

On a comical "oh no!" note:
Yesterday in the van, Nathaniel asked me what sperm is! I said, where did you hear/see that? He said his friend says it a lot, and asked me again what it is. I was hoping to get out of the question, but he was persistent. I had no idea what to reply to that, so I just said that it is something in a man's body that helps with making babies. I am not sure if that was the thing to say to him when he is only 9, but I know that I want him to hear about all that from me. At least he was satisfied with that answer (for now), and THANKFULLY he didn't ask more. I am not sure I am ready for that whole thing quite yet.


Carina said...

Sounds about like our Christmas. Antibiotic chaser anyone?

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my goodness, lol! Hmm, I'd wonder about his little friend saying that so much. Poor kiddo. That is the drawback to public school, they can't keep their innocense for long.
You answered perfectly, though.

Me said...

Big C has been running a fever for the last few days as well, bummer he always gets the high temps like close to 104-icky, no fun being sick! We are home for a day or so(youth pre-new years eve party) and then we leave again, it has been a great break! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful christmas as well!!:0) See you soon!:0)