Friday, December 7, 2007

"Holiday Concert"

My son's third grade class had their "Holiday Concert" last night. I remember when I was little it was called a Christmas concert. I guess it would be "politically incorrect" or a "religious racism" to classify it as such. Anyway, it was a great concert!! Nathaniel got to play the drums for the evening concert. He was so proud, and he was so excited! It is an amazing feeling that goes through a mom when her baby is up front performing. I was really beaming, I am sure. The music teacher did an amazing concert with the kids. She involved as many students as she could. Some had singing parts, some played musical instruments, some had dancing parts, and one little guy was the "announcer" for each song. That little boy reminded me of "The Peanuts Christmas" when Linus was up front reciting the scripture from the book of Luke. It was very cute. It was a fun event. They had a concert during the day, which my parents came to that one with me and the kiddos. In the evening, my Mom-in-law came, Terry, Me and the kiddos. I got Nathaniel to giggle on the last song "Feliz Navidad". He has such a great smile. It was so great to see him smiling and having a great time.

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