Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Answer That! Game

Nathaniel loves the 'Adventures of Odyssey' series. When I saw this game, I knew that he would be just tickled pink to play it! I know that he will easily know more that me when we play it, but that is ok.
Answer That! DVD trivia game is based on the last 20 years of stories and lessons from the Adventures of Odyssey series. You can listen and watch scenes on the DVD, race each other on the game board and answer trivia questions to see who makes it to Whit's End first! There are 600 on-screen questions, a Game Board with 4 paths leading to Whit's End, 76 trivia cards with over 450 challenges (Easy-hard levels), 20 Room of Consequence cards, 4 character play pieces, 1 die, and an instructional sheet. The Room of Consequence cards are cards that describe behaviors that are undesirable (ie, treating a friend badly) and you have to move back. I really like that you can have teachable moments with the kids during this game. I love that you can do different things with this game! You can take it with you in the car with the Trivia cards. You can play a quick round during the Lightning mode (DVD use only), and you can play with the game board for a game night. There are three trivia categories: Whit's Wisdom (Biblical references), Eugene's Questions (Multiple sources), and Connie's Character (Identify the quotes). This game incorporates radio episodes, book excerpts, song snippets, and clips from the Adventure of Odyssey's animated films. Nathaniel will love this game, and he will get it for Christmas! Digital Praise offers this, among other great games for the PC and DVD, that families can enjoy! They are Christian games that instill great family values.

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Qtpies7 said...

My kids would really love to play, too. They love Adventures in Odessy stories.