Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Dance Praise 2: The Remix

This CD-Rom game has fun, excitement, and exercise written all over it. You won;t even know that you are exercising, because it is really that fun! It has 52 Christian songs on it, 10 of them are "locked" until you dance through songs at a "hard" level. The songs vary in style from hip-hop to worship, pop to rock. What is really great, is the lyrics are on the screen so you can sing along. I love singing, so this is a great way to worship, too! There is a dance pad that you plug into your computer. You can put up to 4 dance pads with the game. Then, you just put in the CD, and start dancing! You can chose different backgrounds, create profiles for each person, select favorite tunes and play with continuous mode, all the while DANCING OFF THOSE EXTRA POUNDS! Christmas is almost here, and usually that means more insulation pounds added on. This is going to be under our tree for Christmas to help us stay fit for the winter. There is an improved exercise mode, which will record your progress as you dance off those unwanted pounds! It tracks time, calories, and weight lost!! Isn't that great? Each song has 4 choreographed dances. Arcade-style game - "DanceTris", the new "tetris"-style dance pad game gives you a new way to play on your dance pad. You can customize the play lists by selecting your favorite tunes from the games or Expansion Packs and name the list for future access. There is even a super-easy mode so the little ones can give it a try. Caleb will love this, too. I love hearing more Christian music, and dancing right along. Praising God, having fun, and exercising all in one! Thanks to Digital Praise my family can enjoy a great game with such great family values.

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Qtpies7 said...

I think it sounds like good, clean, family fun! What is rare to find for a Christian family who wants to play together. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it. And maybe have us over, too.