Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's get creative!

The Learning Tower, from Little Partners, is such a big hit at our house. Not only does it serve well as a step stool to aid at the counter top, stimulates hours of imaginative play in the themed "play house," it is now a great place to get those creative juices flowing from ideas created in the mind down on chalkboard or dry erase board!
Let me introduce to you the all new Little Partner's Art Easel! The Art Easel attaches very easy to the Learning Tower!The Art Easel is a two-sided art board! One side is a very nice chalk board, and the other is a magnetic dry erase board. How fun is that! Kid's can enjoy 2 very fun, and creative ways to show their Picasso-side. The Art Easel comes with a magnetic strip (like a ruler) to use to hold the kid's paper in place. There is also a detachable art supply tray that has two built-in paint pot holders which can be fitted with plastic cups or paint pots. The tray holder also has an indented area that holds a pencil, an eraser, paint brushes, chalk and markers. I am really happy that the tray is made very accessible to remove for easy cleaning! We all know kids can be messy!
My kids are constantly drawing and creating on their new Art Easel. I have a hard time getting them to finish their masterpieces and putting the chalk down. The only suggestion I would give Little Partners is to offer an eraser for the chalk board and dry erase board.
The Art Easel is a super addition to the Learning Tower's accessories! The Learning Tower comes in Natural, Cherry, Soft White and Black colors. New for this year, little Partners will introduce five new colors for the Learning Tower: Red, Pink, Apple Green,
Royal Blue and Azure Blue. The Art Easel comes in 8 fun colors, besides the natural color: Dark Cherry, Ebony, Soft White, Red, Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Pink and Apple Green. The Art Easel has a suggested retail price of $69.99, and you can purchase them at several locations! Thank you Little Partners for adding the super Art Easel to your great product line! My kids and I thank you!


Alicia said...

This looks like fun!! I love things like this!! Cute pics!

How is your back/neck doing? I am praying for you!

Qtpies7 said...

That would be great! It is too hard to fit our learning tower in the kitchen, so we don't get as much use out of it as I would like. This would be a great addition.