Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning Tower as a play house

We really like having our Learning Tower for imagination play. We have the Playhouse Kit, and it is a super accessory to have with our Learning Tower. The Playhouse Kit has theme signs to put up. We like how the theme signs say different things, such as : Doll House, Lemonade Stand, Drive Thru, and Puppet Theater. There are two signs, and each side has a different heading.
To attach the Playhouse kit, you place the 4 wooden blocks on the top boards, then you insert the roof pieces. On either side of the Learning Tower, you place 2 more blocks to slide the themed signs into place. When we got our Learning Tower with the Playhouse Kit, we had difficulties with the themed signs sliding into the blocks, and a few issues with the roof pieces. So, we contacted Little Partners (creators of the Learning Tower) and they sent a replacement kit. They apologized for the difficulties I had, and really wanted to make things right for us. They were very helpful and were attentive to the issues I had. I got a replacement kit (older version) which works super now. The Playhouse Kits come in newer styles, like the roof is blue, so if you get the Playhouse kit, that is the one that will come with it. The Playhouse Kit is one of the accessories that you can purchase to go with your Learning Tower. They retail for $34.99.
The Playhouse kit includes a roof, blocks, 4 themed signs, 2 curtains, and a curtain rod. We also got a blue (light cotton fabric) cloth for covering the Learning Tower.
Our kids love playing inside, and outside the Learning Tower. I am glad that the Learning Tower has the Playhouse Kit to accompany it to help spark imagination play! The kids have had many playtime hours on their Learning Tower so far! It is one of the only toys in our main floor living room. Now we just need to get some puppets....

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