Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great book for 'tween girls~

There is a great new series available for the Tween girls called Secret Keeper Girl! The four-book fiction series explores issues relevant and age-appropriate to today's girls ages 8-12. In a socially advanced world, it's nice to know that Secret Keeper Girl is there as a friend to younger girls as they transition into modern teenagers. With the news filled with stories about pregnant teenagers and the top youth-targeted TV shows promoting promiscuity, this book series is a fun, refreshing change that encourages girls to be just that – girls…not adults.
Dannah Gresh, a best-selling Christian author, teams up with three of her closest friends to write a hilarious fiction series about what their lives would have been like had they collided in sixth grade. Dannah, Suzy Wiebel, Janet Mylin, and Chizuruoke (Chizzy) Anderson are four mothers with hearts to teach their daughters truth, but they aren’t afraid of the crazy true stories of their own lives. Dannah actually threw her brown bag lunch at a teacher! Suzy Wiebel actually dressed like a guy to get on a sports team! Janet Mylin wrote the name of her true love in eight-inch high pencil on the bathroom wall! Chizzy spent most of her sixth grade year recovering from a cross-country move and teaching everyone to say “Cheeeesy” not “Chizzy!” The characters they’ve created are a blend of many of their true-life experiences combined with the fiction comedy and action that 8-12-year-old readers love.
About Danika's Totally Terrible Loss:
Rutherford B. Hayes Middle School will never be the same. Danika is in deep trouble for hitting Mrs. Hefty's right temple with her brown bag lunch. Toni is trying out for the boy's football league…against her dads' wishes and the school rules. Kaitlyn is completely boy-crazy and will stop at nothing to express her love for her older brother's best friend. And Yuzi is the new kid at school whose name nobody can pronounce, and in a valiant effort to fit in she is traumatized by being invited to dress up like a stalk of corn at the town’s annual Popcorn Festival. In a valiant effort to fit in, their worlds collide one afternoon when they all end up in after school detention and the Secret Keeper Girl Club is formed to save the day. Full of comedy, action, emotion and life-transforming lessons.
I think this is a great set of books for those pre-teens in this world we live in where they are bombarded with things to make them grow up faster than they should.

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