Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tis the season

I know that sickness looms this time of year. The only real dread I get in the winter months is the Doctor bills go up significantly. We are on new insurance right now, no co-pay, but we pay until our deductible is met. This can mean we pay a huge bill before our insurance will kick in. I haven't had to take Madelyn in yet, and I am really hoping to avoid the clinic. Madelyn is on day 3 of being sick. Poor little honey. She had a bit of a runny nose on Sunday, but I am not really counting that. Her fever started on Monday morning. So, being on day 3 with the fever, she is ready to start getting well. To top of feeling crummy, she is teething. She has the gunky nose today, and she is kind of clingy. At least she slept better last night. She did wake up at 4:30 and complained for an hour. Finally she drifted back to sleep until 7 AM. I was glad for that. 4:30 in the morning is not a happy-time-to-be-awake kind of time.
So, I am hoping she will get well very soon!
Caleb started his cold on Monday, and then on Monday night, he woke up about 11 PM throwing up in bed. EWW~ is right! I have a feeling he threw up because of the phlegm in his throat. On Tuesday morning he woke up happy, and he ate fine all day. I am glad that passed as quickly as it came! He still has a runny nose, but he is doing good despite of it.
Terry was dealing with the cold symptoms this morning. I hope it doesn't last for him. That would be miserable with working all day sniffing and blowing his nose.
So far, Nathaniel has just had slight colds and stuffiness. Currently he is doing good. He has a great immune system and he can fight things off well...but he is in public school, and he can pick up and carry a ton of germs! I am just hoping we can make it through these wintery months generally sick-free.
I am not sick, and I hope to remain healthy! :)


Alicia said...

I hope and pray you stay healthy too Sarah!!! We also have a hefty deductible...ugh! But I am thankful to have insurance, that is for sure. I know how it is to have to pay that BIG bill before full coverage begins. Hope your kiddos start feeling better soon and dont spread the bug!!! Love ya!

Joyful Noise said...

Not fun...hope all feel better soon!