Friday, November 14, 2008

Born Free Feeding system

I am really looking forward to our baby due in a little under 2 months! I am really looking forward to nursing again! I love breastfeeding my babies! I also like the option of bottle-feeding (with my breast milk) when we need to be away, or if my husband will be home with the kids. I am so glad I have heard of Born Free Natural Baby Products! Born Free bottles are Bisphenol-A Free, Phthalates Free and PVC Free, which means they are safe for my baby! Born Free offers BPA-Free Bottles, Glass Bottles, Trainer cups (6-12 months) and Drinking Cups (over a year old). They also carry extra nipples, accessories, pacifiers, and now New Stainless Steel!

The Born Free Bottles are made with a unique venting system that allows air to flow into the bottle. This reduces the hard sucking that often leads to painful colic, gas and middle ear infections. The nipples for the bottles are soft and are available in 5 different flow rates. These nipples are good for babies 0-18 months old. The Born Free feeding system is suitable for breast fed babies who are being introduced to bottle feeding. The unique air valve begins the steady flow of milk~ just as it does when the baby is nursing! How cool is that? I think that these bottles will be a great fit for our family, and especially our new baby! I will say that these bottles are a bit more on the spendy side, but really~ look what you are getting for the price.

The Born Free site offers several options for picking which bottles and how many to purchase. You can also see their product line and pricing just looking around. I highly recommend getting these bottles and/or accessories. Keep your baby safe.

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Alicia said...

I will have to look into these!! We have decided to do the drop in bottles. I love all of these reviews that you do!!