Sunday, November 2, 2008

Caleb and making friends...

A few weeks ago, at Bible study, Caleb met a new friend. His name is Ben. I was asking Ben how old he is and when his birthday is. I told him that him and Caleb are really close in age. Then, the boys had a chat....

Caleb: Hi Ben!
Ben: Hi Caleb!
Caleb: Nice to meet you Ben!
Ben: Nice to meet you, too, Caleb!
Ben: Hey, do you want to be friends, Caleb?
Caleb: Yes, that would be great!

**Then, they hugged.**

I love how kids mimic adults! They are constantly learning from us!


Alicia said...

This is too cute!! I love how easily they can just go up to another child and make friends!!

In High school I did flags. We had rifles too, but I never got into it. Thats so fun that you did it too!! I still have my flag in my parents garage...those were the days of firm arms!! LOL

Movers4life said...

I LOVE this story, like two little adults!:0) I love the boldness of small children as well, nothing bothers them and they love everyone!! Yea, I did do it myself! The background I got from a site that offers free ones, but I used a few sites to design the header! It took me awhile to figure it out at first ( like learning anything new:0), but now it should be a breeze! Would love to teach you, although yours is VERY cute!! Glad you liked it:0)!