Friday, November 7, 2008

Going away...

I am so excited for this weekend. Terry and I are getting away for a weekend to ourselves! My wonderful Mother in Law is here for the weekend to care for the kids and our dog. Terry and I are heading out early morning (and yes, I am STILL UP). We will be gone all weekend and come home Sunday night. We are heading out for a huge, two day train show. Terry loves model trains, if you weren't aware of that, and we are in the process of starting a hobby store (carrying mostly model trains and accessories for now). So, this was a great opportunity for us to go to the show, get a weekend away before baby comes, and get some good quality time together~ alone! Can you tell I am excited? Terry and I really need this time away. We have been running around so busy lately, that time together is dwindling. It is so crucial to have quality time together! I am so thankful that we can do this. I am SO VERY THANKFUL that my Mother in law is willing and able to watch the kids. She loves our kids, and they adore her! I will be sure to post a lot of pictures and updates when I return. I won't have too much added this weekend with being away...but, no worries...I will catch up.

I am still in pain with my neck/shoulder/arm. I went to the Chiropractor on Wednesday. He adjusted me and did treatments. I felt good for about 10 minutes. Now it is just consistant pain, especially in my shoulder joints. I have a hard time picking things up with my left hand, and my strength is minimized. Thursday I had a terrible time raising my hand up in the air to wash my hair, or get something up higher. It is a pain in the booty, but I just got to deal with it. The Chiropractor said he would refer me to see a Neurologist if it keeps up. So, I am icing, and doing very little lifting. I have another Chiropractic appointment on Monday morning. I hope the weekend is fun, regardless of my pains. I suppose I will have to bring some Tylenol with.

My mom had surgery on her eye socket on Wednesday morning. She was in really rough shape Thursday morning. She was very sick. Please pray that she will heal quickly and that her swelling will go down. Her one eyelid is so swollen that it doesn't shut all the way. She will have another appoinment on Friday morning. Her Birthday. Happy Birthday MOM! She is 70 years old today! I am so thankful for my mom! I would post a picture of her on here, but I just took all of our photos off of here and put them on CD. It would take quite awhile to find the picture. Anyway...I am blessed for who God gave me as my Mom. She is the best!

Have a super weekend everyone!


Alicia said...

How fun Sarah! I hope you have a blast alone with your hubby!! Enjoy it, quality time is so important!

I am so sorry to hear about your pain still. I will continue to be praying for you, that just stinks.

Happy Birthday to your mom, I hope she continues to heal as well. You have been busy!!

Have a great time with your DH!!

Movers4life said...

What a bummer, I'm sorry in your pain that stinks! I will keep praying for you and your mom!! I'm so glad you guys were able to get away this weekend, you deserve it!:0) Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!