Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My little helper

Madelyn loves to be in the Kitchen helping when I am in there making meals, or loading/unloading the dishwasher. Sometimes it can be a challenge with her walking right next to me, or being under my feet, and that can be dangerous to either one of us! I am so thankful to have my Learning Tower in the kitchen for these very reasons! Madelyn can be near me, stay in a safe location, and be happy to help~ or so she thinks.
The Learning Tower is made with such great quality, and is so solid. I really like that the Learning Tower is adjustable, with 3 different height platforms, so it can "grow" with my kids. Madelyn is a little on the short side, and this is a great product to help her have eye-level contact with the counter.

The Learning Tower comes in such great colors: White, Black, Cherry, and Natural (that is the one I have). Coming in September, there will be new colors offered: Apple Green, Royal Blue, Azure Blue, and Red.

I also like that I can make a chore seem fun with use of the Learning Tower. As you see here, Madelyn is "helping" do the dishes. At her young age, she can be excited about the dish washing, because she can get her hands in the sink with the help of the Learning Tower.
Learning Tower is a product from Little Partners. Their mission is:
To affirm the child's positive self image through strengthening the essential partnership between the child and the adult. Hence the name Little Partners, our kids are our "little helpers" and the Learning Tower is a great product to encourage that!
The Learning Tower is geared toward ages 18 months and up. It holds up to 500 pounds! Already, I know this product is such a great product to have in our home!
**Don't mind our Kitchen, we are in the process of fixing walls to get ready to paint.**


Qtpies7 said...

I love my Learning Tower, too. Sometimes it is a bit bulky and in the way, but Trinity loves to help cook with it. And Sam loves to climb in it and play.

Alicia said...

Wow this is cool! I will have to look and see, the only thing is that our kitchen is may be an issue for us!! I really like the idea of it though! Maddie looks so cute!