Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for great Winter Videos? Or gift ideas?

Snow Days features a collection of winter-themed offerings for the preschool set. Join Barney, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Fireman Sam, and Pingu as they romp in the snow, celebrate the season and revel with good friends in six delightfully festive episodes.
Barney – In “A Visit to Santa,” it’s winter time in the park and the kids are writing their letters to Santa. When Melanie doesn’t finish hers in time, she and Barney travel through the magic wardrobe to Santa’s workshop to deliver it in person.
Thomas & Friends – In “Thomas’ Tricky Tree,” the winter season has all the engines keeping very busy. Thomas is asked to collect the Christmas tree for
the town party, but when some harmless teasing riles him up, he nearly botches the
job. Fortunately, he comes through and all’s well in the end!
Bob the Builder – In “Mr. Bentley’s Winter Fair,” there’s lots of work to be done in
preparation for the upcoming winter fair. With booths and stalls to build and
projects a plenty, will Bob and his team be able to complete it all in time?
Angelina Ballerina – In “No Match for Angelina,” our budding prima ballerina is an
incredible ice hockey player. But when tryouts for an ice pup team come about, she
is rebuffed by a no-girls-allowed policy. Don’t count her out for long!
Fireman Sam – In “The Big Freeze,” Norman needs a warm bed for his pet sheep
Wooly. A mishap with an electric blanket causes near disaster, but the day is saved
by Sam and his trusty crew.
Pingu – In “Pingu at Sledge Academy,” some wild sledding by Pingu and his friends
causes havoc throughout the igloo community, so the gang is sent to Sledder’s Ed to
learn safe sledding rules and operation.
Bonus episode: Fifi and the Flowertots~“Soup of the Day” - It is a cold day in Flowertot garden. Fifi is about to make soup, when Primrose takes over. And she can be very particular about the ingredients to Primrose's perfect pea soup!
This DVD collection retails for $14.98, and is packed with 62 minutes of fun shows for kids ages 2-5 years old. This is a new DVD is a new release November 4th!
The Christmas Toy is a fun story where toys come to life! The night before Christmas -Santa delivers his presents. Some of last year's toys are fearful of being replaced. Rugby the Tiger, who is the favorite toy, leads the old toys to venture from the playroom to meet their new friends under the Christmas Tree. If a toy is discovered as real by a human, they will be frozen forever. The toys get a close call. Rugby was the favorite toy last year, and he is determined to keep his #1 position! This DVD is filled with friendship and loyalty. Some good lessons and feelings are shared. This is a classic Jim Henson movie filled with engaging Muppets that create fun, share music, and create laughter! Run time is 59 minutes and ages 2 and older will enjoy it! This is a new DVD release on November 4th and retails for $14.98.

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