Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roll-n-Go Diaper Caddy by LAF

Do you ever get tired of using the "traditional" diaper bag? All diaper bags carry a familiar "look" to them. I know I like to have variety sometimes, and I was excited to review a great product to help make other bags into diaper bags. The Roll-n-Go Rollable Diaper Caddy is a super product that is designed to turn any large purse or bag into a diaper bag. There are several pockets to hold the essentials like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, medicines, etc. The Roll-n-Go opens up and fits nicely inside the walls of your bag. I like how handy and accessible it is! I can just roll it up when I am not using it, and easily set it into place inside my bag when I want to use it. I find this to be a great product for other purposes besides a diaper bag help. If you don't need a diaper bag (maybe your not a mom?) but need extra pockets for storage....the Roll-n-Go Rollable Diaper Caddy will meet your needs. The outer material on the Large Roll-n-Go is a beautiful design, too! It is a very pretty, shiny red with butterflies on it. There is also an Extra-Large Roll-n-Go available. The Roll-n-Go Diaper Caddy's retail for $60.00/piece.
LAF's (Little Angel face)makes several products from clothing (even maternity) to baby needs. Check out their website to make your purchases. A percentage of your purchase will go to The Smile Train which provides cleft lip and palette surgery for children in poor nations.

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