Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bobbing for bubbles?

I babysat on Wednesday, and it was a great day! The kids all played very well together. Nathaniel was home from school this week, so it was super having the extra time with him. He got to come with me on Monday and Wednesday for babysitting. Tuesday, he was able to spend the day with his friend. Anyway, on Wednesday, I was blowing bubbles for the kids. Well, with my kids...bubbles are a tasty treat. Yep, Nathaniel loves to bite the bubbles~ so to speak. He pretends (and sometimes) eats the floating bubbles. Well, with Claudia giggling uncontrollably over his moves and actions, Caleb joined in the biting for bubble action! Claudia and Madelyn thought the boys were really funny! After the biting of bubbles came the bubble blasting. Nathaniel pretended like the bubbles were attacking him. Claudia's uproar of laughter became even higher in decibels! There is absolutely nothing like the laughter of children, being created from other children making them laugh! It was so comical! I could barely blow the bubbles because I was laughing so hard. Trust me, it was great entertainment!

The whole day went very well~ except Caleb would NOT take a nap. I am not sure what was up with him that day, but a nap was not in his agenda. So, about a half an hour before we were to head home, I gave him the option to sit on the couch and read for a quiet time. Before we left, I said to him, "Without getting a nap today, you better not be crabby." His response to that was, "I'm not crabby Mom. See, my smile isn't upside down."

Kids think of things in such a creative way~ what a great perspective!

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Alicia said...

Aw. that response from Caleb is priceless!!! Sounds like a fun time. Bubbles seem to always be a hit with kids!!