Saturday, November 1, 2008

Warm As A Lamb Stroller cover: A Review

Living in MN is super! I love the four seasons, and all that they bring. Sometimes the winters can be pretty chilly, even fall and spring can be chilly. Bringing a baby or toddler out for a walk can be painfully cold for them, so I just avoided it mostly. Until I came across the Warm As A Lamb Stroller Cover! Now, I have a way to take my kids out for a walk in the cooler temperatures, and still keep them toasty warm!
"WARM AS A LAMB is the first and only fully thermally insulated Winter Stroller Coat Cover that keeps babies and toddlers completely shielded and protected against the cold frigid winds, snow, rain and other winter elements without ever having to lift the cover or letting out the child's body heat inside stroller when traveling outside." It is such a great cover that fits perfectly over most all strollers! The Warm As A Lamb coat cover has adjustable pulls on each side so it can be adjusted to fit all standard size strollers (which includes lightweight and jogging strollers). I like that they offer a single stroller cover, twin stroller cover and a tandem stroller cover! I like that it completely covers and protects my kids and they can still see out! It isn't fun for them to go on a walk if they can't see. The lining on the inside is like a built-in blanket. It is so soft and cozy! I really like that my kids stay warm in there without heavy snowsuits and blankets. The front of the Warm As A Lamb has a zipper, for easy access in and out. The cover can stay on my stroller all late fall through early spring! That means I can take them for a walk easily without a lot of preparations! Warm As A Lamb Coat Cover is also non-toxic and flame retardant.
You can purchase a Warm As A Lamb Stroller Coat Cover from many locations, but I found the best deals at Amazon! Retail values are $99.99 (single style cover) and $129.99 (double style cover).

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