Monday, November 17, 2008

The Secret Mountain books/music review

We love reading books at our house, and it is great being introduced to new books! Team Mom sent me a few books to review from The Secret Mountain . I was happy to review the three fun books: Down at the Sea Hotel, Dream Songs Night Songs from Belgium to Brazil, and A Duck in New York City. The Secret Mountain creates fun and engaging children's books. The illustrations are fun, colorful and look painted. My kids really enjoy the pictures. Each book is accompanied by a music CD featuring original songs. The best part is that the book also includes lyrics to these songs so that everyone can sing-along. We especially liked A Duck in New York City, because no matter what others think, the duck keeps following his dream to perform his ducky dance on Broadway. He encounters skeptics, bad weather, & traffic along the way but his heart keeps telling him, “Yes, I can!” I thought this book did a super job at teaching the lesson of endurance and stamina. My kids thought he was fun to read about. I think these make fun children's books, and if your child loves music, the Cd's will be a big hit, too! Be ready for some giggles, because the lyrics are very creative and funny!

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