Sunday, November 16, 2008

A pretty good weekend~

Friday night, we had our monthly Ladies Night Out at church. As many of you know, this is a great time of fun, games, food, and TONS of laughing! Every month we have been staying later and later into the night. Friday night, Saturday morning was no exception. We were at the church until 2:45 A.M. I was the first one to leave at that time, and my friend Lisa said they stayed a bit longer! We always have such a super time! It is something I look forward to every month because it is so therapeutic and a stress relief. This event is open to everyone in our church, and anyone they invite, but it usually is the same people every month. This time we played Canasta hand and foot, a game Lisa is reviewing. It was a fun game, and fun to try it out. We also played Apples to Apples. We used to play that one all the time, but we haven't played it in almost a year, so it was fun to bring it back out again. One of the funny things that always happens at our monthly LNO is that we get even sillier, and more laughter explodes as soon as the first person leaves. I am not sure why this happens, but it does. Our friend, Paula, usually goes home earlier, and we were teasing her that the real fun will start now. We are totally kidding about that, and not directing it at her. Seriously, the minute the door shut behind her we were laughing to almost tears over something. It really wouldn't matter who the person is that leaves first, but somehow that is a trigger for us to really let go and have a hootin' good time. I am really looking forward to our December LNO. We are doing a cookie exchange and white elephant gift exchange. I am hoping a few new faces will join us for that one! Of coarse we will do the games, food and share some hearty good laughs.
Saturday, besides being tired, I had to get up early for my monthly stamp club. I am in a Stampin' Up stamp club, and it is so much fun! We make 2-3 cards/projects, enter into a door prize, and make at least a $15 purchase. It is a great way for me to enjoy my hobby on a budget, and to have some time to make a few projects. I also get some great ideas. This club meets for about 10 months, and each month one person from the club gets the benefits of hostess, so they get free products. It is a great time, and I am happy to be in it. Saturday afternoon, my friend Lisa, had a Philadelphia Cream Cheese party. It was fun to socialize with the ladies, and enjoy yummy treats. I really enjoy cream cheese, and it was fun trying new recipes. When I got home on Saturday afternoon, I swept and vacuumed our basement level. It was needing the cleaning and organizing. Then, Saturday night, after supper and getting the kids to bed, Terry and I watched a movie together.
Today, we went to church, and it was great to be there. I haven't been to church in a few weeks. We were out of town last weekend, and the weekend before that I had woken up with the kink in my neck, Terry was working, and I really didn't want to bring the kids by myself...with being pregnant and chasing after the two little ones. Anyway, it was great to be back and fellowship. This afternoon, we all took much needed naps. I was so thankful for that! Now, in just a bit, we are going to get Nathaniel. He was with his Dad this weekend. I am excited to bring him home. I really hope he had a good weekend.
Please pray for my shoulder/neck/arm. I had a horrible night last night, and the pain was excruciating! I took some Tylenol, and Terry rubbed this cooling gel on it. It felt like sharp knives digging into my shoulder blade. I am going to try to get into some kind of Dr. this week. I do get to see my OB/GYN on Tuesday. MY DOCTOR! I am so glad and excited to be back in his care. It will be good to see him. I know he will let me know what type of things I can do or take for my pains. I can't believe I am pretty much 32 weeks already! Wow, this pregnancy is sure going fast! Oh, and I have a fun event coming up (here on my blog) the beginning of December. See the button on the upper right hand side for some details. FUN CONTESTS! Be sure to check it out! Feel free to post the button on your site if you want. I would appreciate it!


Qtpies7 said...

When I was pregnant with Sam I was having horrible pains in my legs when I would lay down. That meant NO sleeping. Tylenol wouldn't touch it, neither would Advil, but my doctor forbid Advil. He gave me codeine. Narcotics are safer than Advil, apparently.
It was such a relief to have something I could take so I could go to sleep without pain.
I hope your doctor will at least treat the pain until you can get things figured out after the baby comes.

Alicia said...

You have been one busy mama!! :-) I will continue to be praying for your pain, I am so sorry!! I am glad you get to see YOUR doc on Tuesday, that will be so nice and such a blessing for you!! I go to the doc tomorrow too!!

32 weeks...yay!! Times flies, doesnt it??

I will be looking forward to the fun event too!!

Alicia said...

Hi Sarah!! I hope you have a great apt today!! Let us know how it goes!!