Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ahh Toilet Paper foam: A review

Did you ever wet toilet paper to use on your child's bottom? It is a nasty, fall apart mess. I was excited to hear about the brand new Aaah Toilet Paper foaming cleanser. It is so easy to use, just squirt some on the toilet paper and use. It will not disintegrate the paper, just moistens it! It is economical, contains no alcohol or irritation, all natural and fragrance free! It is made with aloe vera and moisturizers and it is rinse free. I really like that the Aaah Toilet paper foam dries quickly and won't leave a wet feeling like pre-moistened wipes. I believe that wasting toilet paper won't be as common with the use of Aaah! Aaah toilet paper foam is save to use in the septic systems, too.
Aaah! Toilet Paper Foam retails for $8.90 for the Home size (8 ounces/300 applications); and $5.90 for the travel size(1.6 ounces/60 applications. Right now there is a special to receive a one month's supply free (one 1.6 oz. travel size foamer perfect to fit in the diaper bag or purse) and you just pay the shipping and handling.
I think this is a great product to use with potty training, and to just keep in the bathroom for whomever may need to use it. Great product!

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Qtpies7 said...

I bet that is great stuff! I wonder if that would get Trinity to start wiping herself, lol.