Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Really Love Your Grandchild…in an Ever-Changing World: book Review

We are entering the weekend to celebrate our Grandparents. I dearly miss my grandparents. I am so thankful that my kids have their grandparents!
I was given the book by Dr. D. Ross Campbell called 'How to Really Love Your Grandchild…in an Ever-Changing World' and I couldn't read it yet, because my mom swiped it from me. I told her she can read it, but I wanted her to tell me what it was all about, and what her thoughts were on the book. I also wanted her to have it done in time for this weekend. (I really wasn't asking too much, and she was happy to do it). I just spoke with her this evening, and she said it was a wonderful book. She said she thinks that all parents should read this, too, not just grandparents. She said the book had some great points, and offered a lot of teaching. She said there are 10 (smaller) chapters, so it is easy reading. Each chapter is focused on a different topic. Here is what she said about some of the topics covered in the book:
*Health issues of children/grandchildren (ADHD, eating disorders, depression, etc.)
*Adult Anger
*Things that happened to grandparents~products of their upbringing
*Kids now days have so many distractions that our parents/grandparents didn't have (I Pod, MP3 player, video games, etc.)
She also mentioned that there is a story of a grandma becoming more savvy on the computer, taking classes and learning the computer way, so she can e-mail and connect with her grandson. She found out where his site was, and found some bad things on his site. Then she struggled with confronting him about it. Instead, she decided to not say anything, and let him come to her about it. In the end, he did confess some things to her, and he said he wasn't going to go back.
Grandparents are informed that they can have better relationships with their grand kids (and kids) if they let the parents parent. To not be a "parent" for the parent, but allowing the parent to parent. My mom said that the book really emphasized on the love chapter in the Bible~ 1 Corinthians 13. How to love your grandchild with unconditional love. Loving and accepting their grand kids as they are, no limits, so that the grandchild can feel they have someone they can turn to. The book has study lessons in the back so this book can be used in a study group. Again, my Mom recommends this book a must-read for all parents and grandparents.
You can purchase this book at LifeWay Christian store for $19.99.


jenn said...

Sounds like a great book. I might look into getting it for my mom.

Leah said...

I'm definitely getting this for my mom.

Qtpies7 said...

Now I wish I had taken that book tour! It does sound wonderful. I didn't order it because my mom was out of state for so long.