Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Get Back to the Table Month" campaign: Libby's

Making it a priority to have our family dinners together has been something that Terry and I are proud of. I can honestly say we eat 99.9% of the time together in the evenings and weekends. We rarely have something that we will allow to interfere with our family dinners. I am so thankful for that. It is a time we can all depend on to reconnect from our busy days! Life is really busy, and as the kids get older, there are even more activities that demand their attentions.
In an effort to help families make time for dinner together, Libby's has launched its "Get Back to the Table Month" campaign. The site provides family dinner planning tools, time-saving tips, healthy recipes, and grocery shopping and money-saving advice. The campaign also highlights important benefits of establishing a regular family sit-down dinner-children who eat regular family meals tend to:
Perform better in school~Have a lower risk of smoking, drinking, and drug use~Have higher self-esteem~Develop stronger interpersonal relationships~Eat healthier, and~Teenage girls develop a healthier body image.
Libby's Back to the Table Month website has a lot to offer, and they also have a coupon on there to save on their canned vegetables. They also have a contest right now to win a dinner backstage with Sara Evens!
I am a firm believer of having one meal a day together as a family! How does your family do with having a meal together? Is this campaign something that can encourage you to do?


Gretchen said...

Wish we could do this, but hubby works swing shift and it's just impossible. :(

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I agree I think it is very important. more than hockey practise, haning out with friends, or even doing homework. Parents and kids are so busy these days they claim they don't have time. But it just for a 1/2 an hour they put everything aside they could enjoy some family time... which is the most imporant thing of all.