Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Little Princess~

Madelyn is growing up so much! She is talking into 3 word sentences, and repeats anything you tell her. She amazes us with things she says. This morning, I was sitting on Caleb's bed fixing her hair. Caleb's window has a Spiderman covering over it, and Madelyn was looking at it. She piped up the theme song for Spiderman..."LOOK OUT, HERE COMES THE SPIDERMAN!" The only thing you can totally understand is the "Look Out!" Then, she mumbles through the rest of the song line. It was so cute. She kept singing it over and over...even all the way to church for my morning Bible study.
Tonight, Madelyn was holding on to her dolly. (one of them) She loves kissing and hugging her dollies. I was going to take her dolly and put it down when I was taking her to bed. She told me no, then said, "AHH Dolly!" I asked her if she wanted to take her dolly to bed, and she said, "YES!" ~By the way, she says "yes" clear as a bell...it is super cute! So, she got to sleep with her precious dolly tonight.


jenn said...

There's nothing cuter than little girls mothering their baby dolls. My baby is almost 7, and still loves to do it.

Gretchen said...

What a little cutie!

Alicia said...

Such a girl! I love seeing kids interact with their baby dolls, its so fun to watch and just amazing how real they make it all!