Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Soul to Keep: A Book Review

Melanie Wells is a very creative writer, and I really enjoy her writing style. I read My Soul to Keep, and it was a book I had a really hard time putting it down. It was the kind of book that gripped my heart because of the story line. A little boy is kidnapped while at the park celebrating a little girl, Christine's, birthday party. It is a story of suspense and intense searching. The story has a lot of spiritual battles of the main character, Dylan Foster. Dylan Foster is a psychology professor at a college, and she has some connections with who is involved with the kidnapping.
There is a special bond, and connection between the little girl, Christine and the little boy who was kidnapped. She seems to know when he is scared, especially in the dark, cold, and thirsty. Christine's mom is skeptical of their connection, but Dylan feels the same connections. Peter Terry, a evil spirit, is the blame to all of this havoc (according to Dylan). Dylan experiences weird "coincidences," or rather spiritual warfare several times in her life. During this kidnapping, she experiences carbon monoxide poisoning in her home almost causing her rabbits to see their death. She also experiences snakes, or hearing snakes. Another experience is her light bulb instantly burning out, while it is a brand new bulb.
I think this book is a great read, and it may even make you cry...because a child is missing. I cried, anyway. I love how the ending turned out, even though it was really quite a shocking surprise. Melanie Wells will have you laughing and crying while turning the pages to find out what comes next. You can find your own copy at for $8.96 (on sale from $12.99). You can read more about Melanie Wells here.

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