Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spot shot: Carpet Stain & Odor remover: A review

I was impressed to try the New! Non-Toxic, certified biodegradable Spot Shot! I was happy to be on this blog tour for Mom Central, and try this new product out! I got to try this on a stain of chocolate, one of the toughest stains, and I was impressed how well the Spot Shot worked! What was even better ~
there wasn't a terrible smell to the stain & odor eliminator spray! Usually cleaning agents have a horrid smell to them, or toxic, and the Spot Shot is neither of those things. It leaves behind a stain-free area, and a fresh scent. Plus, the Spot Shot is safe to use around children and pets. This product was not tested on animals, either. Being a mom, and dog owner, this is a great feature! My parents were telling me to bring this over to their house to use on the older stains in their beige carpet. The Spot Shot eliminates stains on all kinds of new and old stains! There is also anti re-soiling agents to help protect carpets from future staining. Spot Shot is a member of the WD-40 brand family. I think this product is super!
There is also the New! Spot Shot available in pet formulation. This would be great to remove pet stains and odors. Having an indoor dog, I will have to get this one! Spot Shot products are available in both aerosol can and trigger spray bottle forms. You can find the Spot Shot in the household cleaning section of your favorite mass, supermarket, drugstore or club store, or you can order online from the WD-40 company.


Gretchen said...

With two kids, a cat, a dog and having gone through two litters of puppies, spots and stains are a way of life for our carpets!

Qtpies7 said...

I would have done this one, but I don't have very much carpet to try it on, lol. But what I do have is in need of it. I'm about to just throw out all of our carpeting.

Anonymous said...

We love spot shot at our house!!