Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why must you!

This isn't the first time that Caleb has decided that he must chomp on his sister's little finger. I don't understand the concept or reasoning behind biting, but I am glad this isn't a daily need for Caleb to do. Why do kids bite? When Nathaniel was little, and in daycare, he was bitten a few times. A couple of the times, he had a welt/bruise for quite a few days! I was livid that happened to him, and I was so upset with that child for hurting my little boy. Now, I have a child who bites. WHY?? This is not a learned behavior, because Caleb is not in a daycare. I certainly don't bite him. So, what is the psychology behind this? Terry was giving Madelyn and Caleb a bath tonight. He likes to look in his train magazines when he gives them a bath, so he didn't see exactly how Caleb bit Maddie. She just started wailing! I heard Terry ask what happened...and I ran in. He took Caleb out of that tub so fast, and sat him on the floor with his towel. Of coarse he was wailing now, too. Poor little girl. Just moments before that they were both giggling in the tub having a grand 'ol time. So, what set him off?

Just a few weeks ago, he had done that to her. Bit her finger. Does he like the cause and effect? Hmmm...if I do this (CHOMP) then she screams! Plus, I get instant attention. Or, does he simply just not understand that it HURTS!

Anyone else deal with their child biting? How do you handle it? I love my little boy immensely~trust me~and I don't want him to think I don't. When he bites, it makes it a bit challenging to show that love to him.


Qtpies7 said...

Has he ever been bitten so he knows it hurts? He may not know. I think it sounds horrible to bite your child but we've had to do that before to make it stop. But he was biting a LOT and nothing was working.

Alicia said...

Alright well coming from a preschool teacher and child development major I can tell you that normally at this age when somebody wrongs them (take their toy etc) they cannot articulate words quick enough to say, "I am playing with that etc..." so they will use what they know best/impulse and will hit, bite, push etc. Its usually an impulse control issue and not knowing what words to say quick enough. I think Caleb is at that three year old age too, which is totally fitting for that age group. However, if Maddie wasnt doing anything to him, then I am not sure why he would have bitten other than attention or reaction from her. I have had kids in my class bite another child but it was out of impulse and not articulating words quick enough. When this happens, I sit them down firmly and will firmly say, "biting is NOT okay" as I look into their eyes. I will always ask why they bit that other child and usually there is a reason, so then I will go on to tell them words they need to use.

Sorry this is long, but I could go on FOREVER about child development issues, it is what I love!