Monday, September 22, 2008

Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker by Jakks Pacific: A Review

The Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker by Jakks Pacific is a fun product that kids can try out their skills with making cupcakes. I like that kids can learn and use their math skills with measuring ingredients. Kids can also use their creativity with frosting and designing their creations with sprinkles. This product comes with four special cupcake mixes and frosting that are custom designed for use with this toy. The cake flavors include red velvet, chocolate, yellow, and cinnamon sugar; the frosting's are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese flavored. These easy-to-use mixes and refills can be purchased when you run out. The toy comes with: a tiny mixing bowl, measuring spoon, water dropper, and miniature spatula for mixing the batter and frosting; a microwaveable container for baking the cupcakes; 4 cupcake papers; 4 "shortcut" recipe cards; sprinkles/sprinkle container; and a cupcake frosting gadget with a stand-up mixer. I like that this set is made with smaller hands in mind. I think it is fun when companies come out with products that encourage our kids to learn life skills (like baking/cooking). The cupcakes bake in just 30 seconds, and the kids can have so much fun decorating. This products looks like it is geared toward girls, but boys can have just as much fun making their own cupcakes. It would be great if Jakks made one that was gender neutral.
With the baking, you need to have a microwave handy. The cupcakes won't taste like homemade cupcakes, but they taste like cupcakes, and kids will love them.
This product is geared toward kids ages 8 and up and can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99.


Gretchen said...

Where were these things when my girl was young enough to enjoy them?

Qtpies7 said...

I think that is great! Trinity and Hope-Anne both would just be nuts about it!

Alicia said...

How fun! Reminds me of the Easy Bake Oven back when I was little!