Wednesday, January 23, 2008

13 Things to look forward to~

  1. January is almost over: which means, the longest month of winter is almost over. This means super, butt-nipping cold is almost gone.
  2. The days are starting to get longer: which means, the daylight hours will be longer=happier people.
  3. My babysitting/nanny job is going to be starting into full swing by next week. This will mean my life will get a lot more busy, but I think all in all this will be so good in so many ways.
  4. Nathaniel does NOT have school on Friday: which means some great time with my oldest son! I like when he doesn't have to go to school. (I miss having him home during the days).
  5. We are going to my husband's side of the family for a Christmas (belated) gathering. It has been awhile since we have been up to Grandma's and I know it will be fun for visiting. Terry's brother's family moved up there recently, so we will get to see their new home, too. Grandma's house is remodeled, too, so it will be fun to see the (much needed) update.
  6. I have some super products coming my way to review, and I think you all are in for some treats...HINT, HINT....yes, that means some SUPER contests will be coming your way very soon!
  7. I am planning a girl's night sleep-over to happen in February. I loved hosting it last year, and I am SO looking forward to a night with my special girly friends...for laughing, munching, giggling (yes, laughing and giggling are different)...yakking, and maybe sleeping. OK, I know I can't handle staying up all night anymore, so I will be sleeping.
  8. Madelyn is starting to say more things, and I am really looking forward to when she is talking. I love this stage she is in, and it just amazes me how much they really know.
  9. Speaking of Maddie, she has her first birthday coming up in a month and a half! WOW! I can't believe she was born almost a year ago! Time goes so quickly!
  10. In March, my parent's will celebrate 50 years of marriage! That is so wonderful and inspiring! I am so happy for them! It truly is a blessing! Congratulations to my parents!
  11. LADIES NIGHT OUT in February. This is such a great night with my girlfriends at our home church. Game night, laughing, yakking, giggling to the point of: (1) tears, (2) rolling on the floor, (3) walking funny all the way to the bathroom before an accident, or (4) spitting a beverage out of your mouth. It is so much fun, and I hope we all can make it!
  12. SNOW MELTING!! Need I say more?
  13. Spring! Ditto...need I say more?


Laura said...

Great list! Looks like you have a good spring in store for you! Happy T-13!

Neen said...

Yea for longer days, snow melting, spring being one day closer. Congrats to your parents for celebrating their 50th Anniversary. It is so nice to see that people out there are still making it that long.

Nicholas said...

I won't be sorry to see the back of January either!

Gellianne said...

Hi!A girl's night out is real fun.
By the way, nice banner- a wonderful family.I would also like to ask about the Proverbs 22:6 at your side bar, did you make it?Very nice.I would like to put one like that at my site.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing the fun and worthwhile activities that you are looking forward to. I miss having girl's night out.