Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend trip

I have been gone since Friday evening. Terry, the kids, Lena and I went to my husband's side of the family for our (belated) Christmas gathering. It was a full house. Friday night, on our way up, Terry, the kids and I stopped for supper. We went to Perkins. We had some coupons, and thought it sounded yummy. Caleb really wanted to have the rainbow pancakes. When we ordered, we specified that Caleb is extremely allergic to eggs. We asked that the pancakes be made specially (away from the eggs) on the griddle. Our waitress assured us she would let the chef know, and that he is a great chef, so there should not be an issue. Well, 10 minutes later, the waitress brought us our food. She informed us that as she was grabbing the pancakes, the chef told her that the batter has eggs in it. With all our food sitting in front of us Caleb nearly starving to death she asked if he would like to have something different. I am thinking I would like to give her a swift kick in the booty for waiting until our food was done to tell us there is eggs in the batter I politely told her that he will have a cheeseburger instead. So, Caleb had to sit there watching us eat as he waited. Terry and I gave him bacon and potato wedges. I wasn't all too happy with our waitress or that "great" chef. You would think he would know about the eggs and tell her when she put the order in....HELLO??!!
We got to Terry's Mom and Grandma's around 9. We just settled in for the evening. Saturday, we opened gifts and our stockings. It was a fun morning. We snacked on food all day and I really wasn't super careful with my points allowed each day with Weight Watchers. I will have to do some extra exercising this week and really watch the food choices. We opened gifts with Terry's Grandma and the rest of the clan in the afternoon. Caleb was opening one gift that someone wrapped in a Velveeta box. When Caleb saw the box he said, "I got Macaroni and Cheese!"
We took the kids sledding at a nearby hill Saturday afternoon. Caleb had just woke up from a nap, and he really wasn't ready to go sledding. As we were getting out of the van (at the sledding hill) Caleb said, "Dad, I am not really excited about sledding!" It was so funny. Nathaniel and Terry had a blast. I didn't go sledding down the ice hill, because I prefer the snowy hills. It was fun to watch, though....except this stray dog was there doing as Terry calls, "the Humpty Dumpty." It was nasty....yes, it all started with Nathaniel. He was sliding down on his jacket (laying on his stomach) when the dog went over to him and hopped on to ...ahem....ride him. It was so gross!! Then the stupid dog went over to Terry's little cousin and got on her head!! It was so nasty! We got after that dog, but it just didn't get it!
Saturday night, Terry's brother and his wife, Terry's cousin and his girlfriend, and Terry and I went out for a few hours. It was fun to go out on a date, and be kid-free for awhile. We had a fun time. Sunday morning, we all got up and got ready for church. After church we relaxed for awhile. Then, we had lunch and posed for a few pictures. By 3:00 we were all loaded up and on our way back home. It was a fun weekend, but it is so wonderful to be back home.

I have a few reviews and a few contests this week! I am so excited about so many products out there! Stay tuned! Don't forget to sign up for my Kaboost giveaway! It ends this Thursday!


Qtpies7 said...

Ah, I hate stupid service people. I worked hard to please when I worked it. Kaytlin joined me on the dark side, and actually complained at Mcdonalds THREE times this weekend!!! I am so proud of her!

jpandtheboys said...

hello my sassy friend! I have finally done it! I am now a blogger. :) Love you.


Qtpies7 said...

this would be the one I like.