Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On to kid #2

Now that the virus has been through Caleb (and is still trying to get out), Maddie is hit with the nasty cold. This is so not fun. They are constantly coughing, runny noses, WHINEY>>>CLINGY>>>and just plain miserable. Caleb is still throwing up from coughing spells. I wish sometimes we could take a time-out from parenting. OH, the joys of parenting in times of turmoil. This is a true test of our sanity. Lord, can I be done now? I want my healthy kids back. I would love to be able to get my sleep back, too...oh yeah, and one more request...have you seen my husband? We don't remember each other too well anymore...he is sleeping with Caleb. :)


Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

We just got over that YUCK!

Very nice Wordless Wednesday! I am a non procrastinator, so my Wednesday and Thursday are up! Feel free to comment on both!


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Poor kids! Audrey's two youngest have bad colds right now that they got from their brother! So sad when they just have no clue why they're so miserable.

Happy New Year!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Bobbie said...

I can sympathize. I'm battling a bad head cold right now -- and then this morning my hubby woke up and said, "I'm getting a scratchy throat." Uh oh...

MommyKnows said...

Hope the kids feel better soon! I know how you feel ... we we're virus central right through the holidays. Now we're just plain 'ole tired!