Friday, January 11, 2008

Caleb is a riot!

Last week we were getting ready to leave and I asked Caleb for a kiss. After he kissed me, I wiped off my mouth. He said, "I got my snot all over you!" I said, "Yeah, I know that was gross." He said, "NO, that was funny!"

Caleb was putting on his clip-on tie yesterday, and after he had it on he said, "When I am bigger I will be Pastor Al!" (He is the Senior Pastor at our church~ and the only Pastor who wears a tie) It was really funny.

Last night, Caleb got in trouble. Daddy caught him picking a booger and putting it on the table. Here is the conversation:

Dad: Caleb, don't pick your nose and wipe it on the table!
Caleb: Can I wipe it on my shirt?
Dad: No.
Mom: NO, You can wipe it in a Kleenex.
Caleb: No, I can wipe it on you.

Terry found this rather funny and started to giggle. I, on the other hand, NOT SO MUCH~

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Sniz said...

This reminds me of the fact that many people I know find bodily functions funny, such as snot and farts and burps. I'm with you. I don't find them funny either.