Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pictures to show

I wrote about when we started our kitchen flooring remodel a few months ago. We took out the nasty, outdated self-stick tiles in our kitchen, and replaced it with beautiful real wood flooring. I am so thankful that Terry is so handy, and knows how to put in hardwood floors. He used to do it for a job years ago, so it is one of his many trades (that he is really good at, I must add). I wanted to show you the demolition of the tiles, with the help of Maddie, Caleb and Grandma.

Look at that tongue, he is really concentrating when the tongue is out.
Paying so much attention to details.

Maddie wasn't really into the removing of tiles, but she helped stack them.
He had a blast, and was excited to show Dad his work.

She was getting tired.
When we moved into this house, it was mainly used as a cabin. I don't think the flooring was ever replaced. The house was built in 1977, so the flooring was well passed due for change. The kids (mainly Caleb) treated the tiles as puzzle pieces and liked to remove loose ones. I told Terry this spring it was due time to get new flooring. I am so thankful to have our hardwood floors. It is a fantastic change.
Maddie loved helping Dad. She was handing him nails.
She had to be right in the action, sitting right next to Dad.
Sometimes she wanted to prevent the work~ by sitting/walking on the work.
She also liked to help bring Dad the boards, and Caleb loved helping with the boards, too.
But, it wasn't all work, there was a few moments of play, or rides.
This is what the floors look like at near-completion. Don't they look beautiful? Terry does such great work! I am so proud of my man! Not only does he do great work, it saves us a bunch of money! He is a man of many trades, and I think he does all of them extremely well! There is something to be said for own quality work completed, too.


Jenn said...

They do look lovely, when I built the house with the ex we did hardwood in the livingroom and hallway,tile in the baths and kitchen and I was the one who picked out every single piece of wood to lay where! Then I gave him the new house and moved a year later !

Vhiel said...

wow... its the whole team doing the job.. :)

dropping by here...

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Anonymous said...

The floors look great!

Alicia said...

Looks great Sarah! Thats so nice your hubby was able to do it, they are costly thats for sure!! I loved seeing the whole family take part in it, so cute! A bunch of little helpers!!

Dena said...

The floor looks great. It's cute that the kids "helped".

JR Photography said...

Thank you for sharing the pics. It's so fun to see. I can't imagine how excited you must be. It always feels so good when you get an update done on your house. Don is just like Terry a man of many trades, he is so smart and versatile!! ;) love you

Anonymous said...

Your floors look wonderful! We really need to redo our kitchen and dining area. Hey do you think we could borrow Terry for a weekend and he can install our floors?

Fratzels said...

Oh my word! Your kids are adorable and the floors are beautiful!