Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kids gone for the weekend.

Last night, we met up with my MIL to pick up our dog, who she has so graciously dog sat since before our trip. I think Lena missed us. My MIL was also picking up Caleb and Madelyn for the weekend, too. I just think my MIL is so wonderful! She loves our kids so much, and she is great with them! Thank you, Cheryl! The kids love Grandma, too! It is great that they will get some great one on one time with her and Great Grandma this weekend. Friday night, we met at a Chinese restaurant. It is in the city near where my parents live. The city is huge, and has a monstrosity of restaurant to chose from. So, my point is, while we were parents and oldest brother show up there to eat! How crazy is that? It was great to see them and visit with them, too.
Friday night, Terry and I had a great time just being together. It is nice to have the house to ourselves sometimes. It is much more quiet, but it is nice to just have time to rejuvenate. Today, Terry worked and I slept in. :) It was nice to sleep in and get up when I wanted to. Then, I called up my friend, Lisa, and we spent the day shopping and hanging out. It was fun to spend time with her without kids. Tonight, Terry and I went out to eat, and then we went to a movie. It was such a fun night. I am tired now, so I should get myself off to bed. Tomorrow, we will be off to my friend, Nicole's Birthday celebration. I am looking forward to that. We will also get Caleb and Maddie back tomorrow night. Monday, we will pick up Nathaniel in the evening.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Qtpies7 said...

Drew said he ran into you at the movies.
What did you see?
Oh, and I have a GREAT recommendation for you, lol. Donnie HIGHLY recommends it to Terry, too.

Alicia said...

What did you see??! I love one on one time with my hubby, one thing we will really have to make an effort at when baby comes! Glad you had a nice time just the two of you!